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A correctly fitting armchair should give maximum comfort to support your back, neck and limbs.
This can help to reduce aches and pains in joints and muscles.

For some the wrong chair can even mean they remain in the same chair for long periods unless assisted. If comfort is a problem, you may even end up staying in bed. The correct chair can also provide greater independence. The height of some chairs can adjust with a Chair Raiser which is fitted under the legs.

Ross Care Rise Reciners
Other options include height adjustable seating or chairs made to suit your specific dimensions. Getting this right can be the difference  between an individual being able to sit & stand on their own.

Bead cushions can help you to adapt your chair to give more comfort and support.

An electrically operated  Rise & Recliner provides extra comfort when sitting for long periods of time and will also help you to get in and out of the chair more easily.

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Rise and Recliner Chairs