Gathering Therapists to Inform Product Development

Gathering Therapists to Inform Product Development

23rd October 2018

Every so often ROSS CARE is asked by manufacturers to help them to develop their products based on the specialist skills and experience of therapists, and those with equipment expertise.

Whilst some of these products are not necessarily the standard item stocked by the local Community Equipment Service, it is an important way for therapists/equipment specialists to influence the market and improve products across the board – any good innovations to one product will quickly spread to the others if they work!

ROSS CARE was approached by Care and Independence to evaluate some prototype shower chairs.

Care and Independence said ‘'We have a prototype Tilt in space, attendant and self-propelled shower chairs   that we are developing for production. As they are in the prototype stage we can make some adjustments prior to production, so we are asking people with experience of this type of equipment to evaluate it for us so we have a solid idea of what people want.’'

Paul Thomas-Lawson and Keith Fox from the company brought their chairs to our Manchester hub on Tuesday 11th September and were delighted to receive feedback on this prototype product.

A drop in centre was operated, and as you can see from the photo; many industry professionals were in attendance.

ROSS CHAIR is specialists in occupational therapy chairs and can produce products to your specific needs. Independent of manufacturers, we can also offer the best choice and value for money.


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