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Ross Care Corporate Social Responsibility

Our vision is to facilitate excellence in the provision of Health and Social Care that supports the dignity and independence of individuals and the wider wellbeing of communities.

This is primarily delivered through cost effective logistical and engineering support for the provision of community based equipment and wheelchairs on the behalf of Local Authorities. Through this we endeavor to add value to the operation through; transparency, excellent service user interactions; in depth product knowledge and flexibility to cater for individual needs.

Our ambition is to extend the reach of our positive impact on Health & Social Care within communities through the provision of assessment facilities and clinical support.

Ross Care undertake and measure a range of Social Value commitments within three broad categories:

1) Our People

• Supporting and Promoting Employee Development

• Support staff child care.
– Providing flexible working arrangements.
– Recognising the value to families for part time employment opportunities.

• Supporting accessibility and re-enablement in the work place.
– Engaging Ross Care in house Occupational Therapy expertise to support employees back into work where required.
– Conducting annual audits of Ross Care locations for accessibility and healthy practice in the work place.

• Promoting Community Engagement amongst Employees
– Ross Care donate days for employees to support local charity activity
– Ross Care support and champion the efforts of individual employees in pursuing charitable causes through matching donations raised.

• Promoting Health & Wellbeing

2) Our Communities

Taking a Local First Approach.
– Giving preference to local employment when hiring to support services within contract areas and also surrounding sales outlet locations.

Championing local participation and citizen engagement.
– Commissioning Ross location managers to forge local ‘charity of the year’ partnerships. Identifying opportunities to leverage company infrastructure to the benefit of both community stake holders and furthering the impact of voluntary groups.

Recognising our Role as Global Community
– Partnering with relevant initiatives that seek to develop the health and wellbeing of communities further afield

3) Our Environment

A commitment to ever improving environmental sustainability. 
Setting targets to reduce wastage, energy consumption and source materials from sustainable sources.
We are committed to the continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System which is fully documented and provides the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets. The following aspects in particular have been agreed as significant by carrying out a detailed aspect review:

• Emissions to air
• Waste management
• Use of raw materials and natural resources
• Release to water
• Use of energy
• End of life of products

For an overview of our environmental policy click here.