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Ross Care Customer Service Charter

Ross Care is committed to delivering a customer experience that goes beyond expectation and upholds the British Healthcare Trade Association Code of Conduct.

We are committed to providing the following standard of service as a minimum to all of our stakeholders.

At the point of delivery…
• Agree the time and location with you in advance and stick to it.
• Present clear identification.
• Provide professional and friendly conduct.
• Employ measures to ensure the clean and careful treatment of your home.

From our customer service call centres
• Inform you of who you are speaking to.
• Speak clearly.
• Offer to call you back at a more suitable time.
• Communicate with respect at all times.
• Work hard to accommodate your specific circumstances.

In response to your written correspondence…
• To address each query raised.
• By Post: To respond within 2 working days of receiving the correspondence.
• Produce letters to service users with fonts no smaller than 14pt for the body of the letter.
• By Email: To respond within 2 working days.
• Via social media: To respond to genuine direct messages within 1 working day.
• To acknowledge receipt of your correspondence.

In Store…
• Take time to obtain the fullest understanding of your requirements.
• Be professionally presented and clearly identifiable.
• Provide a place to sit.
• Ensure products are clearly priced.
• Maintain a clear, safe and presentable environment.
• Conduct an assessment of suitability for motorised products and seating.
• Deliver strong aftersales support.

• Respond to genuine queries within 1 working day.
• Facilitate accessibility in the design of our website.
• Make all necessary contact information easily available.
• Establish the authenticity of social media content prior to posting.
• Continually develop the effectiveness of our online communication.

When things don’t go to plan…
• Give priority to respond at the quickest possible opportunity.
• Listen and take time to understand any concerns.
• Be fully committed to providing a satisfactory resolution.
• Be consistent in our approach.
• Document and report concerns.
• Understand what lessons can be learnt from issues in order to prevent reoccurrence and improve our service and procedures.

Ross Care recognises that providing you with the best possible customer service is paramount, and welcomes your feedback to ensure an excellent stand for your experience.